Robb Report

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“Fong Loo Fern, Managing Director, CYC”

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“Tailor-made for success”

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“Little ways to make over your man”

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“A cut above the rest…the CYC story”

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“People who can’t find things off the rack will continue to get their clothes custom-made”

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“CYC sets vision on Japan and Australia”

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“Protecting the fabric of the family firm”

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“CYC: Dressing the bigwigs”

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“Finding the right fit”

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“The third generation: Making a difference”

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“Winning brands that stayed the course”

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“Women get cool under the collar”

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“A makeover in time”

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“If the shirts fits, wear it!”

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“Dressing dummies demands ingenuity”

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“Those were the days”

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“These shirts have a tale to tell”

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“SM Lee’s past shirts to be displayed at upcoming shirts exhibition”

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“These are SM Lee’s 30-year-old CYC shirts”

8 November 2001
“Mrs Lee donates SM Lee’s 30 years old shirts collection”

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“Vintage LKY shirts”