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“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say Thank You for the shirts. They arrived yesterday and the fit and the tailoring is perfect. Please keep my measurements on file for my next order. I appreciate your attention to this order and look forward my next order.”
- Mr. Michael Danovitz (USA), August 2013

“The new shirt arrived today! Fit was good and delivery was excellent. Thank You.”
- Mr. J. Woodall (USA), August 2013

“I bought a ton of new shirts from you while in Singapore, as well as a new pair of pants. I really am thrilled with the quality and service you provide.”
- Mr. Jason Lichtman (USA), July 2013

“Dear Sirs, just to let you know, all of your packages have safely arrived in Germany. The shirts and the suits are great!”
- Mr. M.S. (Germany), December 2012

“It gives me a lot of pleasure to send you this email. I was a British soldier serving in Singapore at different times up to 1968. Before my final departure in 1968 I visited you to have a number of (white) shirts made. I was delighted with their quality and their perfect fit. I could not buy double-cuff shirts that fit me anywhere else. Eventually, changing fashions compelled me to buy shirts to follow new styles and colours; but I kept some of the shirts that you made for me. Today I was checking out items that I had stored over the past years. I found a couple of the shirts that you had made for me. Today, after 44 years since the shirts were made, the material has withstood the passage of time and reflects outstanding quality. The shirts are now a little ‘closer’ fit because my body has not worn as well as the shirts! You made me a very satisfied customer; I am sure that there are a few thousand of us around the world. Of course, your staff will have changed since I visited you, however, it is a pleasure for me to find that CYC is still in business and that I can say hello. You have clearly expanded and enjoyed great success. I am left with many fond memories and a great deal of nostalgia. My best wishes for your continued success.”
- Mr. Dennis Yates (England), August 2012

“Dear Felicia, just to let you know my shirts arrived today and they are magnificent!! Thank you so much for assisting me with the colour combinations and particularly with the little additions of workmanship wlhich make good shirts fantastic. Look forward to seeing when we are next in Singapore in a few months time. Regards.”
- Mr. Tony Hanmer (Australia), July 2012

“Thank you very much…the six shirts arrived well and they are just great. Here is a very happy customer.
- Mr. Victor Ojeda (Australia), May 2012

“Thank you very much for my Valentine's Day present. I just came home to a package with my striped casual shirt, my two French-cuff solid white shirts, and my French-cuff solid blue shirt. I tried them all on and they fit perfectly, just like the other shirts I have ordered from you. The only two remaining shirts will be the French-cuff striped shirt and French-cuff checkered shirt, which I will look for. Thank you again so much for more of your wonderful tailoring...
I actually just received my other two shirts today as well and they both look great and fit perfectly. Thanks again for the expert tailoring, and I'll definitely reach out to you for some more shirts sometime soon.”
- Mr. Lee (USA), February 2012

“I discovered CYC when I was living in Singapore a few years ago. I made an initial trial buy of I think three shirts, which turned out so well I immediately bought 4 more. By now my total is probably around 12 or 15, including two I recently ordered by email from my new home in Berlin. From sending jpegs of swatches to including extra different-colored buttons because I couldn’t make up my own mind, Jan has provided excellent service. My shirts arrived fast and perfect, just as back in the Singapore days. By now there are plenty of outlets selling custom shirts, but for me there’s no need to look anywhere else. I will most certainly be ordering more.”
- Mr. Judd Labarthe (Berlin, Germany), November 2011

“Just wanted to send a BIG THANK YOU for your shirts! I wear them here with great pleasure and satisfaction. My only regret is that you don't have a shop in Russia. I am a bit afraid of ordering by mail because Russian post is not that reliable, but will certainly stop by when I come to Singapore to make sure I can benefit from your great service!”
- Mr. Maxim Varshavskiy (Russia), July 2011

“Hi, me and my fiancee stepped into CYC at raffles hotel yesterday at 7.20pm, just ten minutes before closing. We are actually expecting to be told that the shop is closing soon and I can't possibly do my shirt in time. However to our pleasant surprise, we are greeted by Jeremy warmly. In no time, he brought us a large number of fabrics samples, go through patiently with us the differences, finding out our intentions and provided numerous creative ideas towards making a good shirt for my wedding. Though late, he still took my measurement meticulously to make sure it was perfect. Finally, I think we left at around 8.45pm, more than an hour past the usual knock off time. I really must salute his passion and top notch service quality! Kudos to Jeremy!”
- Mr. Thng Kay Leong (Singapore), July 2011

“The shirt arrived yesterday and I wanted to write and tell you how delighted I am with it. Perfect fit, very good length, wonderful material and your idea of the slits in the hem line really sets it apart.”
- Mr. Stephen Dowd (Australia), June 2011

“Hello CYC Team, my thanks for your email. I was very pleased to receive my shirts. I apologise for the delay in responding to your email. I wanted to launder the shirts and wear one for a day before I wrote back. I am very, very pleased with them. The quality is absolutely excellent. The quality of manufacture and the comfort of the fit following the fitting modifications we agreed to in Singapore have all worked out very well indeed. Thank you all. I will definitely be ordering some more shirts in 2011.”
- Mr. John Kesl (Australia), August 2010

“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Roland and the team at the Republic Plaza outlet for their outstanding customer service. Knowing that I am going back to US on christmas day, they did their best to deliver my blouse way before the promised date. I am very happy with the quality of their service as well as the well-tailored blouse. I will certainly go back for more when I am back again in Singapore next year! Good job, guys!……”
- Ms. Yong Heng Nan (USA), January 2010

 “I am very happy with the shirts from my latest order, they are of the upmost quality and they fit me very comfortably…..”
- Mr. Stuart Harradine (Wales, U.K.), December 2009

“I get everything the way I want it, right down to how many pleats on my cuffs and back of the shirt……”
- Mr. Nigel Yeo (Managing Director, Singapore)

“Your shirts are magnificent and the collars on the shirts with collars attached seem to be perfect……You went to so much trouble over my shirts and I am deeply grateful……”
- Lord Earl Ferrers (London, U.K.)

“Got the shirt yesterday and it is a great fit. In fact I am wearing it today and feeling very comfortable in it too. I will be in touch to order some more…..”
- Mr. Richard Cree (Editor of After Hours, London U.K.)

“I believe that the quality of your work is excellent, therefore even after my relocation to Minsk I’m still ordering shirts from you……”
- Mr. Andrey Milkov (Belarus)

“Thank you for the excellent and professional service. I owe part of my successful wedding to CYC for the fine shirt that only a master in shirt making is able to deliver. It lives up to the name of being “The Custom Shop” and “Established in 1935”……

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