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Washing Instructions for Shirts

1. Always check the care label on the shirt.
2. Most shirts can be machine-washed. Just ensure that the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees centigrade.
3. Do not soak clothes overnight. Too much soaking weakens the fibers, especially in natural fibre garments.
4. If clothes are accumulated for weekly washing, ensure that clothes are hung up and not piled up in the laundry
    basket. Humid climates can cause quick accumulation of bacteria, perspiration stains and dirt which are difficult
    to remove, if not washed off quickly.
5. Wash dark colours separately.
6. Use detergents with added bleach agents sparingly. Bleach weakens fibers in garments and wears out
    garments faster.
7. Do not put shirts, trousers and skirts in the tumble dryer as the heat tends to cause garments to shrink.
8. It is best not to put delicate garments through the drying function in the washing machine. Take them out once
    the wash cycle is complete and line dry.

Ironing Instructions for Shirts

1. For easy ironing of cotton shirts, spray some water on the shirt prior to ironing.
2. Keep the shirt damp and make it the last item to be ironed to ensure that the moisture gets evenly distributed.
3. Iron the shirt sleeves first. Fold the sleeve from the shoulder line down but stop the fold just above the cuff.
4. Do not fold the cuff and iron it folded. Iron round the cuff on the underside so that you do not end up with a fold
    line on the cuff.
5. Fused collars do not require ironing. Iron the collar lightly from tip to tip.
6. Do not iron the shirt buttoned up and do not place the iron on the buttons.
7. Dry clean only silk and wool fabrics. Most other fabrics do not require dry cleaning.

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