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Like her grandparents who founded the CYC company, our Managing Director, Mrs. Fong Loo Fern believes strongly that a good shirt is one which is not only comfortable to wear but also one that fits the body perfectly. This means that high quality workmanship must be maintained at all times. For example, checkered, printed or striped fabrics must match perfectly at the pockets, the shoulders, side seams, sleeves and cuffs.

Today, CYC has a customer base of more than 30,000 including our corporate clients. We offer the widest range of shirt fabrics with a choice of over 1,000 designs and colours to pick from, with at least 30 different designs in white alone. Many of these fabrics are from the same cotton mills which supply to top international designer brands such as Hugo Boss, Zegna, Armani and Prada. We bring in the latest fabric designs that are in vogue in Europe so that customers are always in line with the latest season's colours and trends.

At CYC the concept of a "custom-made" shirt and personalised service takes on a whole new meaning. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are trained to offer expert advice to customers on cut, style and even colours that help to enhance their overall appearance and image. Customers can look through a dossier of over 50 collar styles, cuffs and pockets and seek advice on what looks best on them. Shirts can be personalised according to the customer's preference including having special monograms and labels bearing their names or initials. We also offer a large variety of designer touches on our shirts which most tailors don't, thus making our shirts unique.

It is this commitment which has won CYC legions of repeat and new clients each year, as well as industry recognition. In 2005, CYC was one of the winners in the inaugural SPBA (Singapore Promising Brand Award) Heritage Brand Award organised by the Association of Small and Medium-size Enterprises to honour successful home grown companies with a history of 50 years and more.

A shirt does make the man, especially a well cut one. No one knows this better than CYC, Singapore's oldest and most established custom shirt maker. Our meticulous attention to details, from the fineness of our stitching to the perfectly engineered cut and fit of the shirt, has won us legions of satisfied customers beyond our home base.

Currently, CYC markets its products overseas through retail stores in the UK, France, Australia, USA and through direct mail to existing clients.

Individuals or existing stores looking at expanding their product range in shirts are welcome to contact us for partnership opportunities.

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