Benefits of Customisation

Unique Customisations

The choice is yours. From lapels, to cuffs, to buttons and collars, you tell us what you want for your suit or shirt and we will custom-make it for you.

Countless Options

We offer an extremely large variety of customisation options. In fact, we have so many options, we very seldom produce the exact same garment twice.

Personalised Details

We can embroider a unique message on any of your garments. This is your chance to make it one of a kind.

Made to Fit You

Each of our garments is made to your exact measurements taking into consideration the type of fit that you want. Gone are the days of you having to visit countless stores to find clothes to fit you.

Ease for Future Orders

We know how important it is for you to be able to easily re-order clothes when you need them. We keep all our customer’s measurements and garment details on file so that your next order can be done with ease. Even if you bulk up or slim down, we can adjust the measurements accordingly so that you don’t have to visit us again to get re-measured.

Superior Quality Fabrics

We use only the finest fabrics from the best suiting mills in Italy and England, and premium shirting fabrics from the best mills in Italy, Switzerland and Austria. This ensures that you are receiving the highest quality product every single time.